Repair Services

Precision Fence

Precision Fence

The hardware and threading of the Precision Fence and accessories are either imperial or metric depending on when and where you purchased it. If you bought it before 8/31/18 in the US market it was built using imperial hardware even if the scale and knob are marked in metric; we have an extensive supply of repair and replacement parts. Repair should take about an hour plus parts.


If you purchased your fence and accessories after 8/31/18 or previous to that but from Harvey Industries or one of their dealers, the assembly hardware and threads will be metric and we don’t have any stock of those parts, but if you visit or call 1-800-253-3332, they should be able to help you out.



CS-1, Center Scribe

CS-1 Center Scribe

The CS-1 is a cool and beautiful tool- I waited two years for it to come into production many years ago when I bought mine.


There may have been a few made in Rosewood, but the majority were done Juara wood which was great for seasonal stability, but off gassing of the phenolic mixed with the adhesive off gassing can cause the brass to corrode and cause binding of the tool.


Fortunately we can take the tool apart, clean it up and replace most of the parts that may have gone bad or are missing. This repair generally takes about an hour of shop time.


We also have a few spare parts for the later version of this tool, the CS-2.

Jointmaker Pro

Jointmaker Pro

Jointmakers V1, V2 and the Single Wing built and sold by Bridge City before 8/31/18 can be serviced or have parts supplied by us; we have an extensive selection of parts. Price will vary depending on the part and length of time to repair.


Versions after 8/31/18 or licensed versions bought from Harvey Industries are built with metric hardware and threads. Parts and service for these can be found at or by calling 1-800-253-3332

BL-9 Bench Level

BL-9 Bench Levels can be restored and calibrated for level; including freeing up the adjuster screws and replacing broken screws. Unfortunately we don’t have any of the replacement bubble vials. The time to repair is generally about an hour.

CT-6 Hand Drill

This drill has an available reinforcing kit for making the crank handle much more resistant to bending; the kit consist of two backing plates, two longer screws, a thicker washer and instructions. We do also have a small stock of replacement handles in Juara wood and an even smaller stock of Rosewood in case your handle has bent too far.


We also have a few other spare parts for the CT-6 and Millennium Brace.




Squares and Layout Tools

Squares and other layout type tools can be cosmetically and functionally restored- some easier than others.


A square, miter square or dovetail square are simply two straight edges put together at an appropriate angle. To properly work, the reference edges must be kept straight and in the cases of squares blades and handles must be parallel for the square to work on both sides of the tool.


The original Bridge City Squares and similar tools were put together with adhesives and rivets; if they are knocked out of square, they can be re-squared, but is a complicated and time consuming process with a slight risk of splintering the wood when the rivets are driven out. This process can take several hours.


The AS-3,5,7,9,14 and AS-7 miter squares are user adjustable by loosening the set screw on one side and equally tightening the one on the other side until square is obtained. We can also square and restore these cosmetically for you and have spare set screws available. Restoring these generally takes less than an hour.


The latest versions of these tools are made in anodized aluminum with stainless steel blades and can easily be adjusted by the user by loosening the 3 or 4 screws and bringing the blade into square again. Restoring these are generally not possible as they are anodized and very few spare parts are available; although we do have a few.